How To Play Tank Trouble Game in iPhone

One of the most explosive and fast paced tank game is available for the iOS devices now. You can play battle field of head to head and simply navigate your tank with some tricky mazes and bounce the bullets to outsmart your enemy before they kill you. You can make challenges with your friends in this game or you can simply play the game with pc in that laika will play with you as an opponent. 

With more and more additions of powers tank trouble unblocked game is now even more dangerous. If you play the game with PC then a evil space dog called as laika will play with you and kills you more faster. You can pick up the gatling gun and hold the fire button to fire the bullets. You can use the frag bomb to destruct your enemies.

What's New in Tank Game

The tank trouble game was now available for the iOS devices with a version 1.0.7 on You can play the game with this version. This is a fixed startup crash on the mobile devices with a resolution of 320x480. In order to play the game you mobile needs some specifications that you can see in the information provided below.


How to Download and Play Tank Trouble Unblocked in iOS

Here are some of the steps that are provided to know about how to download and install tank trouble unblocked game in iOS devices. You can follow these simply steps and install the game on your device.


Hope you have got how to download and install the tank trouble unblocked game in your iOS devices. The same above method is applicable to install in iPad and iPod touch. You can simply follow the above procedure and get the tank trouble game on your device. Share the article if you like it.