Free TV Streaming Site in 2019 | Download Hotstar

Hotstar is a well-known app for all the Android and iOS users who are using these OS Devices. Hotstar Live is an Application which enables the user to Tv Streaming websites that are free. Users can watch the Movies of their favorites like comedy, Tragedy, Fiction, Drama or action or any kind of the web from anywhere in the world. Hotstar is also available in many languages so that every user can enjoy this app in their own mother tongue. As Hotstar App supports 8 Indian languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi.

As Hotstar is a new application which was developed by Star India Private limited. Hotstar app was mainly focused and developed for the use of all Indians. Hotstar Apk, one can easily watch all the live TV Programs. Hotstar Live also provides to watch all other TV Shows of other channels not only the Star. Nowadays everybody is saying a motto for Hotstar that as it is an ‘Alternative to TV’.

Hotstar for pc

To use this app most of the people around the world are very much excited. But most of them are sad too because Hotstar App is only limited for the Android and iOS Users only. Other OS like Windows mobile and PC devices it is not available like an App. But it can be directly downloaded through some third party applications. The third party applications which are providing Hotstar are very secure emulators.

Yes, it is very easy and quick to download Hotstar for PC. Want to know how? Stop worrying you are at right place. Here we will be providing the complete steps of the procedure to Hotstar For PC Download. Follow this article then you will easily download the app and enjoy all the videos of your favorite.

Steps to Download Hotstar App for PC :

Here are few simple steps for downloading Hotstar for PC. Follow these each and every step of the downloading Hotstar App for PC.

  1. Firstly, Download the Android app Emulator. By downloading this one can emulate android OS on their PC.
  2. For the Android app Emulator, you can simply download the ‘Bluestacks’.
  3. Now click on the official website of Bluestacks.
  4. Click on the Download, after downloading click on the install option. After the installation of Bluestacks,
  5. After the installation of Bluestacks, click on the Bluestacks icon on the desktop.
  6. Now log in the play store with your Gmail account.
  7. Now search for the ‘Hotstar App‘.

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Mobdro For iOS | Download Alternatives of Mobdro App For iPhone

Isn't there any single app which will play videos on any device possible, without any hassle and that too for free? Well, there is an app called Mobdro which will stream online videos at any device, be it Android, iOS, PC, Kodi, Fire Stick, Smart TV, any device you choose. Also called “new Kodi,” you can watch videos from every language, from every corner of the world, share them with your friends, organize by any category you choose, download them and do this all for absolutely free of cost.

Features of Mobdro App:

  1. The distinguishing feature of Mobdro App Online Streaming Videos is that you don't select a movie or a TV series' episode, but you choose a channel. You have thousands of channels filled with videos and TV series to choose from them.
  2. Live to a stream of TV channels and sports.
  3. Discover videos from all around the globe, on any topic and language.
  4. Recommend videos to your friends and share them unlimitedly.
  5. Organize the videos, according to the language, topic and have your player history on your hands always.
  6. Download the videos you love and watch them anywhere and anytime, offline.
Mobdro for iPhone

Benefits of using Mobdro:

  1. Mobdro is compatible with Android devices, Windows PC, iPhone 6, Smart TV, Kodi and Windows Phone. If you have iPad Mini, you can get Mobdro Online TV.
  2. Categorization into channels making surfing easier.
  3. Other than videos, you get live streaming of traditional television channels and sports.

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How To Play Tank Trouble Game in iPhone

One of the most explosive and fast paced tank game is available for the iOS devices now. You can play battle field of head to head and simply navigate your tank with some tricky mazes and bounce the bullets to outsmart your enemy before they kill you. You can make challenges with your friends in this game or you can simply play the game with pc in that laika will play with you as an opponent. 

With more and more additions of powers tank trouble unblocked game is now even more dangerous. If you play the game with PC then a evil space dog called as laika will play with you and kills you more faster. You can pick up the gatling gun and hold the fire button to fire the bullets. You can use the frag bomb to destruct your enemies.

What's New in Tank Game

The tank trouble game was now available for the iOS devices with a version 1.0.7 on You can play the game with this version. This is a fixed startup crash on the mobile devices with a resolution of 320x480. In order to play the game you mobile needs some specifications that you can see in the information provided below.


How to Download and Play Tank Trouble Unblocked in iOS

Here are some of the steps that are provided to know about how to download and install tank trouble unblocked game in iOS devices. You can follow these simply steps and install the game on your device.

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What is actually MICROSOFT WINDOWS? As everyone who uses a laptop or computer must be familiar with m-s windows. Microsoft windows are basically an operating system and it helps runs the pc.

M-s windows is the first with control panel menu

Control panel menu option is made available by the Microsoft and this feature is only available on m-s windows only. The user can go through all the application control menu with the help of the control panel. The user can manage devices and their computers.

M-s windows can help run multiple applications

With the help of the windows, the user can run the apps at the same time and choose them by clicking on the different tabs present on the taskbar.

It allows you to run programming languages on the computer easily

M-s windows not only allows the user to run the different applications but also allows to run the different programming languages on the computer. The user can write their commands and execute them on the programming software.

Different browsers and the faster ones

M-s windows are fully loaded with high-speed browsers and not only they are fast but also has some of the amazing features. The user can browse all the contents and save them instantly on the browsers.

Saves you from the unknown sources which can harm your files and data

When it comes to safety m-s windows allows the users to save themselves with the help of windows defender which blocks and notifies the user when any of the harmful threads attacks the computer. Apart from the anti-virus programs, windows have its own program designed “WINDOWS DEFENDER” which always saves the user data and file from getting corrupted.

You can install your games and enjoy playing them on windows

By the help of m-s windows, the user can enjoy playing video games on the computer with the best experiences. It also gives the user the realistic experience while playing their most liked games. According to the tech critic’s m-s windows has been the best so far to run and play games.

Network sharing and transferring files between computers

On windows, you can connect with the other network and computer’s and share network and transfer files between the two easily. Windows also allow the user to repair the damaged files of the other system while both are connected.

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Become Psychic instantly! The Number 1 Psychic Powers Development Technique in 30 Days or Less

Would you want to be a psychic? Guess you do. Do you think there is more to this world than what your eyes can see? Have you ever wondered about fortune tellers, invisible beings, apparitions, spiritual experience or even the wild and amusing unknown world? I do that occasionally, and if we have anything in common, I believe you are also curious about the magical and mysterious world we found ourselves.

I know you’ve wished and tried to attain psychic abilities without good results. Well, you are not alone and guess what, it is not your fault. the real psychic materials are scares and the courses available offered little or nothing compared to the required ability necessary to make the desired breakthrough.

Come along with me, I have a little secret to reveal…



The fact is, there is only one infallible option to actually possess the psychic abilities, and it’s a gradual process which should not be learnt in a hurry. The truth is that it is not about reading, going for seminars or even watching videos. It’s purely about training the brain. To make your brain a powerful psychic magnet, the only proven way is using the brain entrainment software or sound technology.

Brain entrainment otherwise known as hemi or holo synch technology, basically activates the “god” center of the brain. Scientists believe it’s a mystical experience modulating switch. The brain entrainment is accessible by anyone with headphones and ready for adventure.

It’s a way to refine the natural instinct amazingly, to astral travel. It is safe and easy to use. It was the best discovery that initiate the passionate path I’m on presently. And I believe you will soon be too.


Going through this article after five years, I noticed a lot have been discovered over the last five years. In the past, I’ve used different tools and technology to attain altered states, but right now all I do is lots of basic meditation, guided imagery work and visualization.

This method needs no unnecessary tools or technologies, both psychic abilities and spiritual growth can be achieved as long as your attention and willingness to explore both is not distracted. Wouldn’t you wish for a magical spiritual experience which expose more than anyone can see about the world.

The real secret?

Stop reading because all you need to know about psychic realm can’t be achieved through articles. Start doing it, experiment and experience the magic yourself.


New Employee Onboarding in a Tough Economy



In economic strife (recession) as we are experiencing today, many organizations have no other options but to reduce the rate of recruitment and onboarding. This makes them put more pressure on the employees available. In order to maintain high productivity, a proper onboarding process as well as a system for automating and managing the process is put in place. And this is a major challenge faced by companies.

During tough times, industries change while companies fight to survive through acquisitions and mergers. Whenever a company acquires or mergers with another, the Human Resources is faced with difficult task of onboarding hundreds, or thousands of employees in a short period. This process is always tedious and daunting.


Effective onboarding process with good technology solution to automate tasks management and workflows, improve electronic forms completion and easy transition of employees into their new environment is a necessity for every company


Also, a proper onboarding software helps to effectively manage offboarding of employees whenever layoffs occur. In crucial times as this, companies should ensure that employees involved in mergers and acquisitions are helped to maintain morality and productivity so that the organization can survive through this tough economy. With respect to research conducted by the Council of Human Resources Corporate Leadership, the performance of an employee can be increased by 20 percent if his engagement level is raised.

To achieve effective onboarding process, automating forms and tasks management are the major factors. Costs savings and productivity gains are the benefits of organizations that achieve automation of processes. This significantly impacted their organization’s bottom line. Cutting cost and improving employee moral are very important in tough economic times. Good onboarding technology is a key to survive any economic hard times according to this article, organizations should do all necessary to attain effective onboarding technology.


Play, Explore and Learn.

Having IertUtil DLL errors? IertUtil.dll happens to be a very important component (driver) designed by Microsoft to process the application Internet Explorer. Without this component, Internet Explorer is almost impossible to run properly. That is why we considered it as very significant runtime file. As important has this component is, it can also be a problematic component is some cases. Usually, a browser update to Internet Explorer 7 beta version makes error occur with this component. Updates on Internet explorer causes lots of issues and defects which make the Internet Explorer crash eventually. However, updating Internet Explorer is not the only cause of IertUtil.dll errors, it is required to identify different causes in order to fix this error. The next paragraph discusses more on other causes.

Causes of the IertUtil.dll Error?

The computer usually displays an error information whenever the IertUtill.dll is problematic. The error display goes thus:
“The ordinal 313 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll”

It has been discussed above that the major cause of the component error is associated with the browser ‘Internet Explorer’ issues. However, the error occurs whenever the IertUtil.dll file is undetectable or simply put, damaged or corrupted. Whenever this file is not visible for the computer, the Windows will also have difficult time identifying the file effectively. In addition, the IertUtil.dll error could be caused by registry errors. Therefore, it is advisable that the user pinpoint the source(s) of these errors in order to repair this issue properly.

Fixing the IertUtil.dll Errors on Your PC

To solve this problem, manually replacing the file is a way to go. Replacement of the file could actually solve any damage. Replacing the file is not the only step to follow, it is highly important to register the file. To achieve the registration please follow the steps below;

“Download and save a new copy of this file into the computer, please, make sure it is downloaded from the genuine server”.

Locate System32 from the windows file in the C drive. Look for the Iertutil.dll then rename as iertutilOLD.dll.

Paste the freshly downloaded file into the above described location.

Click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your screen, and type CMD (Command prompt)


A black window will open, then type “regsvr32 iertutil.dll” and hit the enter key.


This is just to ensure the computer recognizes the new file and it’s able to access it. Follow these steps carefully because any mistake made can lead to another problem.

In a situation, whereby errors are caused by errors in registry, cleaning the computer’s registry is an important action to take. This will help get rid of the faulty component.


The registry is basically the location where programs, settings and files used by the computer are contained. If there is a fault with any registry component, the remaining components are also corrupted.




In order to clean your registry, this can be done manually or using a software. To use a software, get a registry cleanup application from a genuine source on the internet. Read the instructional manual and follow the steps accordingly. To clean your registry manually, follow the steps below;

Right click the windows icon by the bottom left corner, click Run, type ‘regedit’ and hit the enter button. This is to open the registry editor.





Before any action is performed, it is important to back up the existing registry. This is to help undo any changes made should the computer be affected negatively.

So, click on the File menu and select Export. On the new popup select All option on the export range, choose a location to save your registry and click save. Please, note that the registry page is divided into two, the left part shows the entire registry tree while the right is for individual values.


After backing up, locate and expand the software tree in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, look for the application’s developer, expand and delete the key for the application.

Cleaning the registry manually is quite tedious and confusing especially when you can identify the main source of the error. It always advisable to use the application based registry cleaner but ensure it is from reliable source.